At Kook, we are CRAZY about BBQ and we are here to set a new standard to your Korean BBQ experience. Serving only premium meats, every table is equipped with the Rolls-Royce
of smokeless grills (Shinpo Systems).  The restaurant is perfectly air balanced with the best ventilation system to ensure you smell the same way you came in. 

We want to ensure that we please your eyes as much as your taste buds.  Our interior design is themed around the ancient five core elements (Gold, wood, water, fire, earth). From our golden ring of banchan to the cherry wood bench you are sitting on, you will find this theme throughout our restaurant. Let our energy channel your inner chef to take control and cook, or simply sit back and let our BBQ experts take over.

Our dedicated team is here to serve you with one goal in mind:
“A Korean BBQ dining experience you won’t soon forget!”